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FTN Monitor is a financial information provider covering markets and companies in Central and Eastern Europe, and Asian region.

Our mission

Our overall idea at FTN Monitor is introduction, development and promotion of a single information disclosure engine to enforce CEE and Asian emerging markets transparency.

Our product

FTN Monitor terminal offers a range of financial data for market professional – analysts, traders, investors focusing on project in dynamically growing economies. Being an information aggregator, we provide up-to-date macroeconomic and pricing data by country, industrial research, rating reports, official corporate filings and live newsfeeds, accompanied by data processing functionality and a variety of communication tools. The subscribers of our service gain access to daily markets overviews by FTN Monitor as an exclusive bonus.

Our goals

We try hard to build up and instantly update the terminal software to provide 24/7 access and user-friendly front-end navigation. FTN Monitor highly values every single client, and considers every single user opinion and suggestion to improve the service. We are developing our client support service to establish efficient communication channel for customers in different time and language zones.

Regional policy

Our development policy implies aggressive regional expansion. We look forward to opening representative offices in every country being covered, and sales bureaus in all major financial hotspots globally. Today, FTN Monitor locations include London, Moscow, Hong Kong and Kiev. London office is a mail promotion and sales point, Moscow representation is in charge of product structure workout, IT solutions are developed in Kiev, and Hong Kong office representatives are in charge of Asian markets coverage and regional sales.

FTN Monitor Limited together with its subsidiaries FTN Monitor Ukraine Limited, FTN Monitor (Russia) Limited, FTN Monitor (HK) Limited is a member of UICE Group of companies. The Group also includes Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange (Ukraine) and Credit-Rating agency (Ukraine).